Message from Robert C. Goddard III, Board Chair

March 6, 2020

Dear Emory Community: 

The Presidential Selection Committee (PSC) continues to move forward in our work to identify the next president of Emory University, and we are optimistic about the timeline we set when we formed in December: to find the right leader who is ready to step into the role on September 1. We have been actively and deliberately engaging with accomplished and distinguished prospective candidates, and it has been exciting to share with them the ideals and aspirations expressed in the prospectus.

As you may remember from my most recent message on February 18, the prospectus was developed with the input we received from members of the community during more than 40 meetings and listening sessions, messages to the PSC’s email address, and feedback via this form and this survey on the presidential search website. Please continue to submit your feedback through these channels; we on the PSC read all of it, and it inspires and guides us as we speak with presidential prospects about Emory’s infinite strengths and opportunities.

Thank you for your support of the presidential selection process.


Robert C. Goddard III
Chair, Emory University Board of Trustees