The Search for the Next Dean of Candler School of Theology

Emory University is seeking an innovative and visionary leader to serve as the next dean of Candler School of Theology. As a university-based seminary of The United Methodist Church (UMC), Candler requires a leader deeply committed to both the church and academic excellence who will advance the School’s mission to educate faithful and creative leaders for the church's ministries worldwide. Along with Candler’s distinguished faculty, the dean will drive initiatives to further elevate academic impact and innovation and nurture the School's ties with the UMC and diverse denominations, enhancing its global impact. 

The next dean will lead a thriving academic community comprising 41 full-time faculty, 60 staff and 425 students across various degree programs, including a significant increase in enrollment driven by innovative program formats. Building on this momentum, the dean will strategically shape the curriculum, expanding offerings and refining existing programs to cater to evolving ministerial needs. The dean will champion financial accessibility, aiming to provide transformative levels of support for all students, reducing financial burdens and empowering future leaders to serve without debt constraints. 

Faculty excellence and diversity remain central to Candler's success. The incoming dean will prioritize recruiting and retaining top-tier scholars, ensuring a vibrant mix of perspectives and a commitment to the School's mission. Understanding the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice, the dean will foster a collaborative environment valuing cultural, theological and experiential diversity. They will engage with broader university initiatives while continuing Candler's legacy of strengthening ties with communities in Atlanta and beyond.

The future of Candler will demand a leader capable of navigating disruptions in theological education and church landscapes. This requires an adaptive approach, demonstrated through innovative ventures, responsive curricula, and collaborative spirit that evince a steadfast commitment to student flourishing, scholarly excellence and the School's foundational mission of shaping faithful leaders for an ever-changing world.

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